Private sessions and group sessions

Frequently Asked Cuddle Questions


What happens during a cuddle session?

Sessions can include giving and receiving hugs, spooning, snuggling, holding hands, kindness and caresses  We practice communication, asking for what you want, consent and healthy boundaries. Soak up tenderness and acceptance while giving and receiving platonic touch. Relax and let go in a safe place where we can cuddle up and be close together in a healthy and life-giving way. 

Can Cuddling lead to sex?

Never. Cuddling is strictly non-sexual and nudity is prohibited.

What if I get aroused during a session?

No problem. Cuddling feels good and can trigger several responses in the body but we're not going to act on arousal.

What are the benefits to cuddling?

Cuddling increases Oxytocin, otherwise known as the “bonding hormone.” This chemical reaction has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and lower blood pressure leading to a decreased risk of heart disease. There is also evidence that cuddling supports the immune system and reduces pain.

Why are there rules to cuddling?

The rules are there to protect everyone and to create a safe environment that allows us to relax and enjoy sublime nurturing touch.   

Will my boundaries be respected?

Always! I encourage clear open communication during a cuddling session. This is a great opportunity to learn more about setting and practicing appropriate boundaries. Ask for what you want, say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.   


What if I start to cry during a session?

Emotions are welcome. Human touch is healing and can bring up feelings. Tears, sobbing, laughter and joy are all welcome. Don’t fight it, feel it. When you allow yourself to feel feelings, they eventually pass. I’m here to hold that space for you. This is an opportunity for you to experience healing, nurturing and comfort. 

Can we talk during a session?

Yes, you’re free to talk during a session or enjoy your session in silence. Sometimes being quiet is really helpful in getting down into a deeply relaxed state.  

Should I shower before a session?

Yes. Cuddling is intimate and close. You should shower and brush your teeth within 12 hours of your session and refrain from wearing any strong scents.    

What should I wear for my cuddle session?

Wear comfortable clothes - comfy pyjamas, sweat pants or shorts and a t-shirt.   

Can anyone become a client?

Mostly. People of any age, gender and identification are welcome. However, it’s important that the Cuddler and Cuddlee are comfortable with one another. We'll connect over the phone to chat and make sure we're a fit before our first session.  

Will my privacy be respected?

Your privacy is always respected.