Private Therapeutic Sessions and Small Group Sessions

Private Therapeutic Sessions and Small Group Sessions

Private Therapeutic Sessions and Small Group Sessions Private Therapeutic Sessions and Small Group Sessions



  "I have depression and anxiety. But being with someone who does not judge, has a gentle touch but can laugh loud and long is a boon. Gillian  is that blessing in my life right now. She is both a ready listener and an engaging conversationalist - whichever you need. She creates a safe space. Her spirit and her arms bring comfort. I  would recommend her highly to anyone new to this experience. Melt with  her, you won't regret it." - Chantal    


"I have always been impressed with Gillian's warmth, kindness and  positive attitude. I appreciate that her boundaries are very clear, so I  can just relax and not have to guess whether she's okay with where I'm  at. I feel free to chill out and enjoy the embrace, in silence or in  conversation. And she's good at finding a comfortable position for both, so I can just let her take the lead and take care of me. If you need  some more human contact (most of us do) then I heartily recommend  cuddles with Gillian! - Craig   


"I was in free-fall; isolated, abused, abandoned, and lonely. Life was  feeling  hopeless. My body was breaking down due to stress and my sleep was disturbed. I made a  choice to change, and a net manifested to catch me. Cuddling with  Gillian may have saved my life. She has  helped me find the  strength to carry on. My mood, outlook, and sleep have greatly improved.  Thank you Gillian!" - Tom


"Gillian  has such a warm and friendly way about her - her presence alone draws me in! During our session, Gillian  ensures I am well cared for, she asks about what I want and need and  makes suggestions without overdoing the 'talk' (like some massage  therapists can do). There is a strength in her that holds me in an emotional way as well as a physical way.  It's been so completely nourishing." - Erika  


 "I moved to a new city for my career and without friends or family for support, I have been extremely isolated over the past year. I have severe anxiety and depression and I was spiraling down, contemplating suicide at times. Then one  day I  came across Gillian's website and I decided to contact her, taking a  chance to find the  intimacy that I so desperately needed. This was a  major step in the right direction. Gillian is nothing short of phenomenal. She's approachable and supportive. She put me at ease and helped me feel loved. Our regular sessions have back-filled the warmth and compassion that have been missing my entire life. I feel accepted, loved, and free to be my vulnerable self when I  am in her arms. My quality of my life has increased, my stress level is reduced, I am more relaxed at work and I have the courage to leave my home to explore the world around me. I've also noticed an increase in my creativity. I always have a safe place in Gillian's arms. Thank you from the  bottom of my heart for improving and, quite possibly, saving my life." - Daniel


"From the moment I met Gillian I felt entirely at ease with her.  She is a  gentle and caring soul who handles herself completely professionally  with clear communication and respect for personal boundaries.  I have  had several sessions with her and every time I have left feeling  lighter, brighter and deeply cared for.  I strongly recommend her  services to anyone seeking more therapeutic human contact in their  lives." - Dennis  


 "Cuddles with Gillian are enjoyable, therapeutic, and just generally  wonderful. She has created a safe, professional space with clear  boundaries yet a warm, welcoming presence. Thank you for your openness  and being an overall beautiful soul." - Lisa 



Warm fingers caress my face.

Energy runs gently along my cheek.

A reassuring smile encourages safety. Her body moves in closer to mine, Legs touching and arms moving to hug. A weight lifts off my limbs and my spirit. I sigh with contentment, Feelings of affection radiate between us.Intimate symbiosis, working together to heal.

Deep relationship of platonic touch.

Dimensions of love can have innocent meaning. We unite in peace, a universal relationship, Understanding the connection between souls. Cuddling, the antidote to life, the vaccine for living. My Cuddler; the balm and boon for my pain.