Private Therapeutic Sessions and Small Group Sessions

Calgary Cuddle Connection

Calgary Cuddle connection


Welcome to Calgary Cuddle Connection, small group cuddle event!!  (max of 12 people) 

Shine a light on loneliness and isolation and join us for authentic connection, platonic touch and joyful interaction. We’ll explore communication and consent in a gentle, playful and hands-on way. Connect with others, feel and know your truth, ask for what you want, say yes, say no and enjoy nurturing cuddles in community.

What happens during this event?

Each session begins with introductions and a workshop on boundaries with fun exercises designed to help you hone new skills and develop a new way of being. Then the session moves into free-style cuddle time. You're free to do what feels good and right for you during this time and always!!

Discover how you can get close to other people, meet your needs for platonic touch and remain true to yourself at the same time.

Here are the rules  in a nutshell

1. Respect confidentiality

2. Honour boundaries - yours, others and the groups

3. This event is non-sexual- it’s ok to be attracted or aroused but never ok to act on arousal.

4. Communicate clearly by asking for what you want and saying yes or no according to your truth.

5. You have permission to feel all of your feelings.

This is a non-sexual event. In our culture cuddling and sexuality have been married. There is an assumption that cuddling will lead to sex. This is not true and what we learn in this space will help break down the old paradigm and teach you a new way to be.

Treat yourself to cuddles, fun, expansion, play, authentic connection, communication, boundaries and self-love ♥

When - Thursday November 21st from 7-9:30pm

Where - At a private location

Cost - $40

What to bring - Comfy clothes to cuddle in, a water bottle, an open mind and your sweet self :)

Please contact me directly if this interests you as I form and mix the groups for a balance of men and women and a positive group dynamic. I also connect with every participant before-hand to make sure this is a good fit for everyone involved.

Cuddler & Facilitator

My experience began 9 years ago when  I was introduced to the concept of platonic cuddling for the first time. It was a revelation to learn that I could speak up, express my needs, discern what was healthy for me, speak my truth, say yes, say no, set healthy boundaries and get really close with other people while maintaining respect and safety.

This work has permeated every aspect of my life, changed the way I relate to people and offered a sense of freedom I never knew possible.

I offer this learning paired with one of my favourite things in the world...cuddling.